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♥ C O M M I S S I O N Info:…



Hi everyone!
Finally I’m back at deviantART, sorry for for the long absence. ;____;

For all my commissioners I’m truly sorry for the incredibly long waiting time!
Here’s the current state of your paid commission.
Please contact/note me if you want to cancel it. I’ll send you the points or money back asap.
(If you’re not on the list but already paid for your commission, please note me too.)
I know some of you are waiting since forever…

full body / colored digital
> colouring/linart atm

2. :iconmorfin1925:
> doing the rough sketch atm

2 characters
> doing the rough sketch atm

4. :iconjbeansv:
> doing the rough sketch atm

To all who noted or commented about commissions:
I won’t take any commissions during the next year. ;w;
Also all non paid commissions will be canceled.
Due to work and family matters I won’t have much time for drawing... QwQ

I really hope you all won’t be too mad at me, but I really need to focus on other things the next months ;w;

Chibi Variana by AlleyCreek
Chibi Variana
hi everyone ° ▽ ° )ノ
a few days ago I did my FIRST chibi artwork ;w;
I never ever drew chibis before... QwQ
Hope you like it, I really tried my best.

Tools used: Easy Paint Tool Sai

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Other works with this OC: Scarlet

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Thanks!

Thanks to :iconsecret-santas: :iconss-2014: for inviting me this year! ;w;

Hello my dear Secret Santa :heart:

It would be aweseome if I could get a drawing of my OC as gift, but you don't have to! :3
Feel free to draw any of these:

:bulletwhite: Varianna (Nickname: Rina)
Scarlet by AlleyCreek.forest doll. by AlleyCreek OC Sketch Dump by AlleyCreekPink Bun Bun by AlleyCreek
Eye-Colour: Red  
Hair-Colour: Golden Blonde
Age: 17 (but in fact she was living within a forest for about 100 years)
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 47 kg

Her body was possessed by a forest spirit/demon like being, so she hasn't aged. Nicholas first met her when he was a little child, he saw her wandering around. But she disappeared as soon as she saw him. After that little Nick noticed, that his ears were no longer "normal" but turned into strange Sheep ears.
10 years later he want to meet her again.
Ria has some magical powers. (Birds and all sorts of Animals can come out of her black "flame-like" parts, attached to her head/arms/legs)
Her clothes can change (Draw whatever you want, Lolita, Casual, School uniform... :3 )
Personality: Optimist, pretty quiet, strong, straightforward
- Red Ribbon (it is pretty old and a precious little gift from a childhood friend)
- black "fur or flame like" parts (Head, Arms, and Ankles).
- her horns can disappear | also the fur... but black stripes are staying (see: last picture / arms)

05102012 by AlleyCreek OC Sketch Dump by AlleyCreek
Eye-Colour: Green
Hair-Colour: Red-Brown
Age: 17
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg

From the same story as Rina. He's a pretty normal boy (wearing casual clothes most of the time). He has some "magical" blood running through his veins, so from time to time sheep ears are appearing. But he's not really able to control them xD"
He studied old magic books since he met Rina 10 years ago.
Further Info: Nick really likes Rina, he wants to be near her. Since he was a child he always was thinking about her. But she is so independent that he's is getting insecure...He don't wanna tell her about his feelings... He thinks he would look like a jerk. (that moron Dx)
And over all Ria is only talking about her childhood friend (the one who gave her the ribbon) and how awesome he was. >___>
Personality: Insecure, naive, pessimist, he's talking a lot…
He's blushing pretty often xD

:bulletwhite: Casida

Casida by AlleyCreek
Eye-Colour: Pink/red
Hair-Colour: dark purple nearly black
Age: 21
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
From the same story as Ria/Nick. She owns a magical library.
Personality: Clumsy, self-contained, workaholic

:bulletwhite:Salia (full name: Salia-Mathilda Voron)&Lugus (full name: Lugustermion Voron)
Rauhnacht by AlleyCreek
These two are married Winter-Demons. Celebrating their diamond-wedding next year x3
Age Salia: 149  /  Eye-Colour: dark Blue  /  Hair-Colour: light blue
Age Lugus: 203  /  Eye-Colour: orange-red  /  Hair-Colour: dark brown (nearly black)
They have to stay where it is cold an frosty, so these two are moving 4 times every year. Salia loves to go shopping an Lugus is working as a high ranked bank clerk. They also got 3 pets "children".
(They are all carnivorous Spirits/Demons, they fulfill wishes to buy the soul and the body of people)

:bulletwhite:Ayon Vermillion
Vermillion by AlleyCreek
Eye-Colour: Really dark Blue-Green
Hair-Colour: Red-Orange
Age: 24
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 68 kg
he's a traveller (always traveling by bike)
He was betrayed by his friend and got also cursed by him. His body slowly turns into stone… It starts with changing skin colour (parts are getting grey)
Now he travels around the world to find his old friend and cure that spell.

You may also draw any other OC from my gallery! (if you find something you like)
Not all got names ;3; but I love them too. ♥

Crystal Rose by AlleyCreekKitty Onsen by AlleyCreek Heaven's cathedral by AlleyCreek Digital Doodle by AlleyCreek  ACEO: .neo. by AlleyCreek I'm not lazy! by AlleyCreek Lady Winter by AlleyCreek
or her:…

I would also love to see one of my characters together with your own character? xD

Just do whatever you like!


If you want to draw something else, here are some things I like:

Hot boys and cute girls XD, pretty dresses, Lolita-Fashion, Flowers, Vintage furniture/clothes/accessoires, Churches and old Castles, Kemonomimi, old Myths and Legends

Thank you in advance Santa !! X3 ♥
and sorry for the long journal ;__;"  orz

Crystal Rose by AlleyCreek
Crystal Rose
heyyy ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I'm still training digital colouring...
Made this one a few weeks ago >w<;
Hope you like it!

Tools used: Easy Paint Tool Sai

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:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Thanks!
Scarlet by AlleyCreek
Hi everyone!
I'm not dead ;w;/ wheheee

Sorry for the lack of updates the last weeks but I had some really stressfull months...
Thank you so much for all the feedback while I was away Q____Q you're just too cute!
Thank you thank you thank you for your support!!!! >____< :heart: ;3;
Every single one of you is awesoooomeeeeee!! ;//////////;

I also haven't forgotton about my commissions, I'm working on them at the moment and I'll upload them asap.
I'll also try to answer my notes during the next weeks, sorry for the late replys everyone.

Tools used: Easy Paint Tool Sai
About: This will be the cover illustration for my fist own artbook named Scarlett! It soon will be available at my webshop! 

||||| Website/Shop ||||| Facebook ||||| deviantART |||||

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Thanks!


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Age// 24 ;w; im sooooo old
Gender// female
Online// mostly weekend

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